The Sabian Symbols Are Enlightened

"Hidden Truths Become Clear - An Arctic Explorer Could Tell The Story," is available as a PDF - Download your free copy now. 

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A Woman Writing Passionately

What can I say?


Once upon a time I decided to live and breathe the Sabian Symbols.

It began a love story that became legend. 

Legend of the Three

The Sabian Symbols Are Enlightened.


My gift to you.

Available now special thanks to Laura at the Oracle Report for creating a pdf that you can download for free.

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A Love Letter

I hope you enjoy my blog as I share excerpts from "An Arctic Explorer Could Tell The Story," and two other stories that are in the process of coming to life... well as my thoughts and my process in this journey we call life.

Life is a spiritual adventure!

Won't you join me?

Important excerpts from books can bring messages - messages I lovingly share with you.

In fact, my blog?

A Love Letter...


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